Frequently Asked Questions Costa Rica

Frequently Asked Questions Costa Rica

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•Where in Costa Rica do I want to invest?

Why invest in Costa Rica?

What’s it like living in Costa Rica?

Who buys there and will I enjoy it?

•99 Reasons to Live In Costa Rica

•What Kinds of People Live there (besides Costa Rican’s)?

•Video – Welcome To Costa Rica

•Video – A Day In the Life – Costa Rica

How much does it cost?

Is the market coming back?

Is Costa Rica a good investment?

Should I rent or should I buy?

Purchasing Property in Costa Rica – for ‘Gringos’ 

•What is the procedure to write an offer and close?

•What is required to open an Escrow Account?

•How Much are Buyer’s Closing Costs?

•Why Buy Property with Tres Amigos Realty Group?

•Should I Buy a House or Build?

•What are the Costs to Sell my Property?

•Why Should I List my Property for Sale with Tres Amigos?

Buying Property in Costa Rica – The very long and boring version

Why Use Corporations for Property Ownership?

Is there financing in Costa Rica?

•Why work with an experienced Agent and long-standing Realty Company?

•Are Real Estate Agents Licensed in Costa Rica?

•Client Testimonials

•Top Ten Likes and Dislikes

•Can I use my IRA or 401K retirement funds to invest in Costa Rica Real Estate?

•How to Save Money on Canadian Foreign Exchange?

•How much does it cost to maintain my property?

•How much are HOA Fees?

•Can I make money renting my property in Costa Rica?

•Are There Property Managers in Costa Rica?

•Can I lose my Property for failure to pay Property Taxes?

Is it safe in Costa Rica?

•Costa Rica Crime

•Is there Begging?

•What’s the deal with the Water?

•What is the deal with all the resorts in Guanacaste; is it crowded?

•Are there good Builders, Renovators, Repair Companies?

•Are there good Interior Decorators in Costa Rica?

•Are there Home Inspections in Costa Rica?

•Are there Costa Rica Property Appraisals?

•What is my Exit Plan?

•What can I do to Help Sell My Home in Costa Rica?

Costa Rica Information

Where are all these properties located? Do you have any maps?

•What is Playas del Coco?

•What is Playa Hermosa?

How do I obtain residency in Costa Rica?

•What are the Benefits of Residency?

•Do I need a Last Will and Testament?

•Can I open a Bank Account in Costa Rica and How?

•How is the Medical Care?

•Is Costa Rica Medical Care Really Free?

•Are There Spas in Costa Rica?

•Are There Good Hair Stylists?

•How and with Whom do I get Insurance in Costa Rica?

•Having a Baby in Costa Rica?

•How are the Schools?

•Who is going to help me after I Arrive/Move?

•What kind of Costa Rica Business Opportunities exist?

•How will I make friends in Costa Rica?

•What’s Going on in Playas del Coco?

Airport Information for Liberia International Airport (LIR)

•Liberia International Airport Rules

•Do I Need a Return Ticket To Costa Rica?

•What is the Best Time of Year to Visit Guanacaste?

Where should I stay when I come to Costa Rica?

•How much Cash should I bring to Costa Rica?

•Are There Good Travel Agents in Costa Rica?

•How much should I Tip in Costa Rica?

•What Identification Do I Need in Costa Rica?

•What is the Dress Code in Costa Rica?

•Cell Phones in Costa Rica?

•Are there any new Developments?

•Papagayo Region Investment

•Can You Drink the Water?

•How is the Food?

•Can I Lose Weight in Costa Rica?

•Are there any Private Chefs or Caterers?

•Are there any good Photographers in Guanacaste?

•Are there Professional Cleaning Services in the Papagayo Area?

•Who should I use for Car Rentals and Tours?

•Mike’s Favorite Tours?

•Where Can I Rent Baby Gear and Beach Stuff?

•Are there Private Drivers I can hire to tour me around Costa Rica?

•Is there Uber in Costa Rica?

•Is there Parking in Costa Rica?

•Can I bring my pets to Costa Rica?

•How is the Veterinary Care?

•Are There Dog Groomers and Dog Sitters in Costa Rica?

•Are there Bugs and Snakes in Costa Rica?

Is there Mail in Costa Rica?

•What about shipping my stuff to Costa Rica?

•What about Recycling and Trash in Costa Rica?

•What can we bring you from North America?

•How Can I Buy a Car in Costa Rica?

•Are there charities I can contribute to?

•How can I learn Spanish in Guanacaste?

•How is the Diving?

•How is the Local Fishing?

•How is the Deep Sea Fishing?

• Recommended Fishing, Sailing, Snorkeling and Surfing Tours

•How is the Golfing?

•How is the Sailing?

•Are there Gyms in Playas del Coco?

•Are there Movie Theaters?

•Can I Order Flowers?

Why Costa Rica?

•Why Costa Rica and not Nicaragua?

•Why Guanacaste and not The Caribbean?

•What is Pura Vida?

•Who is the President of Costa Rica?

•Does Costa Rica Have an Army?

•Is There a Trophy for Reading Every FAQ?

If you would rather see VIDEOS of Michael answering your most common questions check out the Costa Rica Video FAQ page.

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