Who is going to help me after I relocate to Costa Rica?

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Have you decided to relocate to Costa Rica?  Moving to Costa Rica can be a little daunting and that’s where we come in. I tell all my clients, “I will work twice as hard for you AFTER you close as I did to help you find and buy the property.” Selling you the house or condo is the easy part, it’s after you move here that you really need our help.

In the USA or Canada, once you’ve bought your house, you might never see your realtor again.  Even if you move across the country, from one state to the next, you don’t need your real estate agent to help you adjust.  You can do it on your own.  You know how to get your mail, buy car insurance and even put your children in schools.  There are yellow pages, and Google search engines so getting a plumber or painter is easy: but it’s not so simple when you relocate.

You are totally lost, and don’t even know where to begin.That is where we come in.  We have spent the last decade creating relationships with EVERYONE from pool companies, to landscapers, property managers to interior decorators.  We know reliable used car dealerships and contractors, attorneys, dentists and doctors and will hold your hand the entire time.  We have an office person who will assist you with everything, personally accompanying you to all the necessary offices, speaking Spanish for you and making sure everything is set exactly as you need it.

Whether it is opening a new bank account or obtaining your drivers license, getting set up with Cable TV / internet or activating a new cell phone, we will be there to help you.  We are your personal concierge service at no extra charge, to make the transition as easy as possible. 

I even throw a huge party, every December, so that my newest clients have an opportunity to meet everyone else in the neighborhood, instantly making friends and finding others with similar interests.  Immediately you will feel like you are part of the community–thousands who have chosen to relocate to Costa Rica–almost as if you had lived here your entire life.  Our clients are our friends and we look forward to having you down here in paradise as soon as possible.

Pura Vida,

Michael Simons

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