Investing in The Papagayo Region

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Over the last few months we have had several large developer clients approach us with interest in investing in The Papagayo Region.  As you might imagine this type of client asked us to provide them with lots of information to help them make a wise investment decision.

Investing in the Papagayo Region


We wanted to share with everyone a very interesting study we did showing the vast amount of Residential and Resort/Tourism Investment that has taken place in The Papagayo Region to date.  The numbers are staggering once everything is all added up.

Investing in The Papagayo Region

These numbers are in dollars not Colones!  So with $2.76 Billion Invested to date and another $4.1 Billion on the drawing board now our enthusiasm for growth in The Papagayo Region is backed up by good, solid numbers.  What is not reflected in these numbers is that the majority of the Residential investment was not financed so all these projects are for the most part on firm financial standing.

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This does not take into account alot of the small auxiliary investment made by locals and small businesses in response to the large investor’s wager on the area.

All the more important for the small individual investor to make a move sooner than later before you are priced out of the market or the selection becomes too slim for your liking.

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