I’m fortunate enough to be very successful and my lifestyle reflects it. As a rule, I’m very private. But every year I host a bash at my home in Sardinal that is the biggest in this area of Guanacaste. Why? Because in my 9 years here I have made many, many friends! They take care of me and I take care of them. Because in the end, success is measured by the number of friends you have, not by how much money you acquire.

Talk about success! Check out these videos from my my last three annual fiestas and get a little window into what it’s like to live here in paradise. Pura vida!

8th Annual Party at Mike Simons’ – December, 2014

7th Annual Party at Mike Simons’ – December, 2013

5th Annual Party at Mike Simons’ – December, 2011


4th Annual Party at Mike Simons’ – December, 2010


3rd Annual Party at Mike Simons’ – December, 2009


 Marina Papagayo  


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  • Josephine Giordano


    Hi Michael,
    My name is Josephine. I’m a new realestate agent in Brooklyn, NY. I bumped into a friend of yours, Nielle from BMW Brooklyn. We were chatting about how awesome you are. Mainly about how you rescued seventeen dogs. I had brought my puppy to the Service dept. well, my main reason of contacting you is because I will be getting into your field next week and would like any words of wisdom, book recommendations,mentor program? Anything would be appreciated. I’ve been listening to podcasts these past 5 months as I studied for the exams(online course). Now that I passed my exams and signed up with a brokerage I’m ready to go. learning from the successful would be the smartest thing to do ?Thanks in advance. Love your page.
    All the best,
    Josephine Giordano
    Brooklyn Ny


  • Chuck Schuetz


    More than a realtor

    Feeds the poor
    Rescues animals
    Treats you as his best friend
    Loves Costa Rica
    Loves life and wants yours to be great as well

    Knows everything and every contact you will need to be successful. Will try to talk you out of places to buy, but will not push you into one.

    When back in states, he is still a text away.

    The man is a Legend!


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