Cell Phones in Costa Rica

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Cell phones in Costa Rica

Cell Phones in Costa Rica

Most USA and CANADA cell phone providers have roaming capabilities here in Costa Rica. So your phone WILL work when you get here. You should check with your carrier to see if they have a special International Roaming plan, so that you don’t pay astronomical roaming fees when you are here. Most of them do. Some of them have unlimited phone usage for around $10 per day during your vacation. There is WIFI everywhere you go, so it is also very easy to use your phone without having to use your data plan. You can text and do email through your WIFI on your phone, eliminating any chance of extra roaming fees.

Almost EVERYONE in Costa Rica uses WhatsApp. It is an incredible App and I recommend you download it before you come. You can text, send photos, video and voice messages, and even make phone calls on this app and it is completely FREE. You just need a WIFI connection. It is how all the services keep in touch here; property managers, car rental companies etc. so it is very convenient to have on your phone.

Many of my clients want to have a Costa Rican number when they are here, to make it easy for local calling. There is a cell phone store in Coco, right next to the big Auto Mercado Grocery store. You can go in, and for a few dollars, get a prepaid chip. They will insert it into your phone, and BINGO, you have a CR number. You can then deposit $20 into the prepay account and have plenty of minutes for making local calls. Again, always use your WIFI for other things, like email, and Facebook, so you don’t eat up your minutes with data usage.

As a foreigner you cannot get a cell phone package, only a Prepay number. Once you have become a resident of Costa Rica you can then apply for the amazing packages and discount phone pricing that we all enjoy. Also, if you own a property or a car in a Costa Rican corporation and the corporation is MORE than 12 months old, you can apply for a phone package through the corporation as the owner instead of your personal name.

You will find that EVERYONE here, has the latest phone models and their monthly bills are a fraction of what you are accustomed to pay in North America.

What Identification do I need in Costa Rica?

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What Identification do I need in Costa Rica?

To enter Costa Rica from the USA or Canada, you just need a valid passport, which gives you an automatic 90 day Tourist VISA. You can stay in the country and not have to leave for 3 months. After that time, you must exit the country for up to 72 hours before returning. The passport must be valid for at least 90 days from the date of entry  and is better if it has 6 months before expiring.  So if your passport is expiring 30 days after the start of your trip, there is a very good chance that when you get to the airport, the airline will not let you board. There is also a chance that if you do board, when you arrive in Costa Rica, the immigration officer might not allow you in, and you will have to immediately go back to your home country. So make sure you have plenty of time left before the expiration date, or else go and apply for a new passport prior to your trip. Make sure your passport is SIGNED prior to arriving in Costa Rica. Also you must have a return ticket, OR an onward ticket at the end of your vacation. Costa Rica will not allow you to enter with a One Way Ticket into the country.

Below is a website that shows which countries having a VISA exemption, like the USA and Canada, and which countries require one.


No immunization shots are required. But if you have recently visited Africa, Asia or South America, the immigration agent will want to see a Yellow Fever stamp showing you have received the immunization shot.

The law requires that every single person, foreigner or domestic resident / citizen MUST carry their passport or Cedula (Costa Rica ID) at all time. This means at ALL TIMES. A police officer or immigration office has the legal authority to detain you and even arrest you if you do not have your passport on your possession. What a concept huh? To have to prove you are legally allowed to be in the country.

At the beach, the police tend to be much more lenient than the National Police or Transit Cops, which are similar to the Highway Patrol back home. If you are out around the beach towns, carry a copy of the photo page of your passport AND a copy of the page with your entry stamp. This will allow them to see when you entered the country to be sure you have not surpassed your 90 day legal stay. A photo in your phone, of both of these pages, is also a good idea.

If you are renting a car in Costa Rica, you will need a valid Driver’s License from your home Country / State/ Province and you must carry this also, at all times, while driving. Your DL is NOT a valid ID, and does not replace the Passport. My advice is to make a physical copy of the passport photo and entry stamp, and your Driver’s License front and back, and keep it in the glove box just to be safe. Do not put the photo copy inside your passport, because if you lose it or it is stolen, you have absolutely no record what so ever. If you are driving through the interior of the country, and away from the beaches, it is MANDATORY that you carry the original documents and not copies. Age does not matter. Even small children must have their passports, carried by their parents.  I have heard of many examples where entire families were detained on the side of the road, while the father had to drive 3 hours back to their beach hotel to get their passports. I have also heard stories of people being removed from a local bus, and put into a holding tank with the illegal Nicaraguans for failure to carry their passport.

If your passport is unfortunately lost or stolen, you will need to go to the US EMBASSY in San Jose Costa Rica.


You will need your actual Passport, NOT a photo, if you plan to enter a bank for any type of transaction, and when you use your Credit Card at a restaurant, hotel or store. A Driver’s License again, is NOT considered a legal ID nor is a photo copy. Your signature MUST match EXACTLY the way you signed it on your passport.

Costa Rican Residents and Citizens must always carry their Cedula by law at all times and always have it for ANY transaction, banking, credit card, contract, and entry to National Park, airlines, receipt of certified mail or UPS packages and ALWAYS to vote. Wow, What a concept. I love Costa Rica.

Remember, you are in THEIR country and must always prove you are legally allowed to be here.

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