Is there Uber in Costa Rica?

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Is there Uber in Costa Rica?

Uber in Costa Rica

Back in early 2016, Uber arrived in Costa Rica. There were huge protests from the taxi drivers and even some violence against some of the Uber drivers. Since then, it has calmed down, but there is still a lot of resistance from the taxi community. Here is what I have found.

Uber ONLY exists in San Jose, not at the beaches, so if you are visiting Guanacaste, it won’t make a difference. Use the local red taxis. They are everywhere, very safe, very friendly and very reasonable. For two dollars you can get around town.

A few of my clients and friends have tried Uber in the city. They have all said the same thing. The drivers are not very safe, most of the cars are not in very good shape, and the majority of them really have no idea how to navigate through and around the city. San Jose is a very complicated city to drive in. There are no street signs, many one way avenues, and some “not so very nice” parts of town. The old taxi drivers know the short cuts. They know how to cut through back roads and neighborhoods and how to avoid the massive traffic jams that clog the city.

When I go to San Jose, I still ONLY use the taxis.

My advice: don’t use Uber. 

If you are going to drive around the country, the best GPS app to use is WAZE. Everyone uses it here, so all the main locations are already plugged into the app and easy to find. Most car rental companies will also rent you a GPS for a very reasonable fee, just ask.

Costa Rica Celebrates No Military

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Tank Tops Flip Flops Newsletter edition no. 82

Costa Rica Celebrates No Military since it was formally written into the constitution on December 1st, 1948.  We are incredibly happy to live in a country that made the wise decision 67 years ago to abolish all it’s military forces and instead spend the windfall on public works and education.

Costa Rica Celebrates No Military

The result is a well educated, peaceful country with a solid base to move forward in what has increasingly become a violence plagued world.

Why do you think the country has been voted over and over the ‘Happiest Place on Earth’ and the informal slogan for the entire nation is ‘Pura Vida!’

Pura Vida

U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon stated that “for decades, Costa Rica has been a worldwide example in rejecting unnecessary military expenditures. Instead, the country bravely invested in health and universal education. The result has been less inequality and greater social peace. ”

The image of a military parade with thousands of soldiers displaying their weapons and equipment is unknown to Costa Rica.

Costa Ricans have never seen a war tank or a war plane on their territory. Costa Ricans will always aspire to carry schoolbooks rather than a rifle.

Costa Rica Frequently Asked Questions

Costa Rica abolished the death penalty in 1877 and has continued over the years to follow it’s ideals reflected in the present day proposal for the Arms Trade Treaty (ATT) that Costa Rica, with a group of like-minded nations, has put forward. The Treaty has been ratified by 50 nations.

So lift your glass and help us celebrate 67 years of NO ARMY!


Check out the Full Op Ed Column in the Tico Times written one year ago by Costa Rican Foreign Minister Manuel A. González Sanz.

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