Tipping in Costa Rica

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Should I tip in Costa Rica?

You will hear many different theories on tipping in Costa Rica, but you can already guess that mine is right LOL. I only say that jokingly, because I have always been known to be a good tipper. I got that fabulous trait from my father, who would always OVER tip when service was good. He even tips the mailman and garbage men at Christmas.

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Written by Michael Simons on . Posted in Costa Rica Living, EX PATS in Costa Rica, Guanacaste Tourism, Newsletters, Vacation in Costa Rica

Pop The Question

The last three months have been absolutely nuts. I literally have not had time off since Christmas. It seems everyone wants out of the rat race and are flooding to Costa Rica. I mean who could blame them? Who wants to be up there, in that madness, when you can be down here in paradise? I have had so many clients in my car, it is insane. Somedays, I am juggling two and even three couples; dropping off one, just to race across town to pick up another. If you were watching our websites, you would see everything going UNDER CONTRACT. Between COVID and lockdowns: monster storms with freezing cold weather (hell San Antonio got snowed in): escalating violence and rising stress levels; Cancel culture and the corrupt media; everyone is fed up. Throw in the politics, and you have a negativity stew that is just brewing over. People are flocking to the land of Pura Vida.

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