Costa Rica Video FAQ

We took one day out of our busy schedules to do this Costa Rica Video FAQ page to answer many of the common questions people have about Costa Rica.  Whether it’s about life in Costa Rica, Residency or questions about Real Estate we cover the whole spectrum of what an expat can expect down in our little slice of paradise.  It’s up to you to carve out your own part of it!

So just check out the title above each video that relates to your question and hopefully I answered it for you.  If not please contact me directly at and I will answer your question right away.  I am here to help make your move or investment decision as smooth and enjoyable as possible.

How I came to Costa Rica

Which Area in Costa Rica is Best for Me?

Where Should I Live In Costa Rica?

What Taxes Will I Pay Living In Costa Rica?

  What Does It Really Cost To Live In Costa Rica?

  Why Are Tourism And Real Estate At An All Time High In Costa Rica? 

  Why Your Realtor Should Own Property In Costa Rica?

  Can Young Professionals Live and Make a Living in Costa Rica?

  Should I Rent Before I Buy Property in Costa Rica?

  Is it Safe Living in the Papagayo Region of Costa Rica? 

  How Can I Protect My Assets Offshore in Costa Rica Real Estate?

  Are Costa Rica Real Estate Agents Licensed?

  Was the Market Crash Good for Costa Rica Real Estate?

  What is the Buying Process for Costa Rica Real Estate? Who Will Protect My Interests?

  Why Should I Invest in the Papagayo Region of Costa Rica?

  How is the Medical Care in the Papagayo Region of Costa Rica?

  How is Costa Rica’s Vacation Rental Market in the Papagayo Region?

  Costa Rica Real Estate vs California Real Estate?

  How Can I Make a Difference – Give to Charity in Costa Rica? 

Why are Big Resorts Important in The Papagayo Region of Costa Rica?

  Why Should I Work with Michael Simons?

  Growing my Real Estate Business in Costa Rica?

  Is there an MLS in Costa Rica?

  Is there Mortgage Financing in Costa Rica?

  Can A US Citizen Buy Costa Rica Real Estate? Do I get a Title? What are the Advantages of Buying   Real Estate in a Corporation?

  Can I Buy Property in Costa Rica with my Self Directed IRA?

  Should I Buy Real Estate in Costa Rica Now?

  How to Bring Pets to and from Costa Rica?

Thank You for checking out our Costa Rica Video FAQ page.  If you have any suggestions for further videos just comment or email us.

Costa Rica Video FAQ

Many thanks to our friend Scott Oliver from for making us take the time to put all our knowledge about Costa Rica into these videos.  Enjoy the Costa Rica Video FAQ!

FOR MORE ANSWERS to your questions check out the written Costa Rica FAQ page

Costa Rica FAQ

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