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QTL – Quality Time Left

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Tank Tops Flip Flops Newsletter edition no. 88

Quality Time Left.  I was recently in the USA and Canada again visiting some friends, watching sports; the only reason I really go back anymore truthfully. I do my best to avoid North America from October to April as I just flat out, despise the winter. But the NHL and NFL are played in cold weather and they are two of my favorite sports so I suck it up for the sake of satisfying my cravings, and I try my best not to complain. My friends are all tired of hearing how awesome my life is, how gorgeous the weather is, and what an amazing place Costa Rica is to live, and they really hate when I bash the city they happen to live in; “What a dump!”  But heh; that’s their problem, not mine. They could come join me in paradise, just like you can, but for some reason, so many people just postpone. It is incredible how many people email me, looking for info, inquiring about properties, that I know are NEVER going to come here. There are so many of them that just keep torturing themselves, week in and week out, pretending that someday they will live the life, but never put a plan into place. Maybe they don’t have the fortitude, or the guts to pack up and come; maybe they are all talk and no action; I don’t know. But they keep scouring my website, reading my newsletters, sending me posts; “Don’t give up on me yet, Michael, I am coming.” Dreams just don’t COME true people; you have to MAKE them become a reality. Every time, it is one excuse or another; kids, college tuition, work, the Canadian dollar; blah blah blah. Thanks for the update, I tell them, and I go back to living the dream. They are in the bottom of a rut and won’t ever get out. But as I found out this past week, it can all be over in a minute. Would you be satisfied with your life if it was?

Costa Rica Quality Time Left

Invest Money in Costa Rica Real Estate Using your IRA or 401K

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IRA or 401K to Invest in Costa Rica

Did you know you can invest money in Costa Rica real estate using your IRA or 401K?

With the stock market at an all time high, and the uncertainty of it’s stability, many people are looking to diversify their portfolio and invest in Hard Assets outside the USA. What better place than paradise?  What your financial adviser or planner may not divulge to you is that you can utilize your IRA/401k/Retirement funds to invest in real estate in Costa Rica.  Why is this?

Invest money in Costa Rica with this oceanview home

The financial services industry in its current state is not given the incentive to offer real estate investment opportunities.  However, there is a growing demand for these alternative investments and millions of Americans have become disenchanted with the returns in their current portfolios.  With these growing economic concerns, we have a solution that will allow you to avoid stock market risk and invest in hard assets, such as real estate and other real estate based assets, here in Latin America. 

Currently there is over $15 Trillion in IRA’s and 401ks in the USA.  With the National Debt at record highs, I think in the near future the government will force these IRA’s to invest in US treasuries and bonds to help pay off this debt, whether you like it or not.  I think it is imperative that every individual moves a percentage of their net worth out of their home country and into safe foreign investments like real estate in Costa Rica. 

Many of my clients have used a Self Directed IRA to invest money in Costa Rica property.  There are many companies that can assist you with a Self Directed IRA. Ask your financial advisors.  If you would like, we can introduce you to some who have helped many of our previous clients obtain a little piece of paradise.

The process is simple.

You will contact the IRA company that you choose, and they will start the paperwork for the SELF DIRECTED IRA.  You will open a USA LLC under the name of the IRA.  Once the LLC is formed, it only takes a couple weeks in the USA, you will open a bank account under that LLC name.  Then the IRA company will take the money from your 401k or wherever it is, and move it to their IRA company account.  They will then turn around and fund it to your LLC bank account.  You will then wire the money to the Costa Rican Escrow company and you will close on the property.

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