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Costa Rica Mail–How does it work?

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Costa Rica mail–how does it work?

Is there postal service in Costa Rica?  Of course.  And believe it or not, the Costa Rica mail system is actually pretty good, considering everything. If you dropped a post card in the mail box here, it would take about 10 days to get back to the USA and then same thing if someone mailed you a letter from home. But ask yourself this; what do you really expect to get in the mail? There are no bills delivered by mail here, everything is on line banking and I seriously doubt you want your JC PENNEY catalogue sent all the way to paradise, especially since receiving packages is a little more difficult (I will cover that in a moment.)

Costa Rica mail stamp

Delivering Costa Rica mail is a bit different because there are no physical addresses here. Everything is a direction (100 meters south of the church, 50 meters west, blue house on right). But we do have zip codes.

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