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The majority of people interested in buying real estate in Costa Rica tend to have many of the same questions so I took the time to answer them in detail here in a fun and informative way. This site contains a tremendous amount of information for you and allows me to express my views and pass along wisdom gained while living and doing business in the tropics. Hope you can join us. Pura Vida!

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Crocodile Rock Costa Rica Style

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Tank Tops Flip Flops Newsletter edition no. 95

Crocodile Rock Costa Rica Style

This week Costa Rica celebrates Dia de las Culturas, Cultural Day or Columbus Day as it is called in North America, marking the anniversary of Christopher Columbus’ first journey to the Americas. It is a National Holiday. It is a wonderful time to be in this little paradise, as every town has its own flair of celebration. Parades and people line the streets and centers of every pueblo, with marching bands, colored costumes and the local “beauty queen”.  Good times for all, and I highly recommend you stick around next year for it. As I have told you before, they LOVE to party in Latin America.

Costa Rica FAQ's

As with most of the New World, the Conquistadors brought pain and suffering, violence and disrespect, imprisonment and torture to the Native population along with an entire moving van full of diseases. Many of the local Indians succumbed to Measles and Small Pox as they had no natural immunity against them.  Sometimes I wonder if it is still going on LOL.


Costa Rica is one of the healthiest countries in the world. They actually have entire regions known as Blue Zones where many of the locals live to be well over 100 years old; Ten Times the average rate to be exact and the country has a higher life expectancy than most developed countries on the planet. Personally, I have never felt better in my life. I am eating better, breathing clean air, I have very little stress, no cold, no snow and I find myself walking more than I ever did back in the USA. I am almost never sick and neither are any of my Tico friends. If I would quit drinking Pilsen I would lose that last 6 pounds and be fitter. Life is awesome. Yet every September and October, the North American Conquistadors, known as Gringo Tourists, from the Mason Dixon line all the way up through Canada, pile into the metal petri dishes known as airplanes, and bring down their bacteria.

Can I open a bank account in Costa Rica ?

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Can I open a bank account in Costa Rica?

Of course you can open a bank account in Costa Rica, but the question should be; do you NEED to open a bank account in Costa Rica. That depends on what you are doing in Costa Rica.

Can I open a bank account in Costa Rica

You do NOT need to open a bank account to buy a property in paradise. All transactions are done using a reputable law firm and a third party escrow, like Secure Title Latin America. They will set up an escrow account specifically for your transaction and insure that the closing takes place before your funds are distributed to the seller.

Costa Rica is a very safe place to put your money and their banks are considered some of the strongest in the world. So your money is very secure in a financial institution in this country. But they are also very opposed to money laundering, drug dealings or tax evasion, and they have implemented many rules and regulations to guard against those types of transactions. So be prepared to show lots of paperwork to substantiate WHERE your funds have come from and HOW you have obtained them. In order to open an account, you will need to provide the following documentation:

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