Can you Drink the Water in Costa Rica?

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Can you drink the water in Costa Rica? There is varying information on the internet about the potable water in Costa Rica.  I have lived here for 10 years and I have not met a single person who has ever had a problem with the drinking water. 

I drink the water every day right out of the faucet, make ice with it and wash my fruits and vegetables with tap water.  I have traveled all over the country and I have never felt the need to buy bottled water.

But like anywhere in the world, there are exceptions to the rule.

There have been examples of contaminated water from farm animals and even reports of Arsenic in some of the drinking water around the country.  These are very rare situations, but it has existed.  You have to understand that Costa Rica does not have a lot of money, so it is up to the individual neighborhoods to solve these issues themselves, and many of these rural communities do not have the resources to do it.

So my advice, like anything, is to ask the locals, “Can you drink the water in Costa Rica?”  They will tell you.  When traveling in very remote rural areas, or the poorer parts of the city, you should be cautious.

Here in the Papagayo at the beach:  Drink away!  But a good rule of thumb should be: if you have any concerns at all, buy bottled water.  It is very inexpensive.



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Newsletter edition no. 10

It was the most amazing sunrise you have ever seen.  I slowly rocked back and forth in my rocking chair, as it came over the volcano and cascaded across the lake, sipping on my spiked 1820 coffee.  There had to be a dozen parrots in my tree and the Howler Monkeys were already getting after it at 5 am.  I got a text from a friend in the USA; she had sent me a photo to my phone. I texted back, I know you will make fun of me, but I don’t have a smart phone.  Can you email me the photo?  How does anyone survive without a smart phone, she replied? I chuckled, as I admired the view, and the first thought I had was: MY LIFE KICKS ASS!!!!  “How can anyone live without a lake house?”  I texted back.


I mean you have to put things into perspective hahahaha.  Why do I need a smart phone?  I know at some point I will have to give in and get one of them, but I am fighting it all the way.  I see people with the iphone and, truly, they have no life.  They spend their entire time on the device, doing God knows what.  They will be at dinner with friends and instead of TALKING to the people at the table they are playing with their phone.  Personally, I have a wonderful balance in my life, and I am in no hurry to change it.


I see the sunrise every morning and always have time to walk my dogs.  I eat breakfast on the beach and watch the wave’s crash before my eyes.  I get to the office before any of my agents and some how manage to bang out 100 emails.  I then meet whichever clients I have for the day and start our tour.  I make sure to stop for lunch and cocktails at another romantic destination and actually pay attention to what my clients are telling me, because I am not distracted by emails, texts, phone calls or photos.  To top it all off, I always seem to end in time to catch the sunset with some friends.  I still get home and make myself dinner and never miss the ballgame or snuggle time with Millie Dolores.


I should probably exercise a little more and drink a little less, but you have to leave a little room for improvement, right?  If I was perfect it would be totally boring.  I sell more real estate than anyone, so obviously I don’t need it for business.  So I ask you again: Why do I need a smart phone?

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