I can Always tell where my Clients are from

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I can always tell where my clients come from by their “sticker shock”.

A client from Oklahoma once said “$1 Million dollars ???!!!  Do you know what I can buy for $1M dollars???!!! I can buy half of Oklahoma.”  My clients from Malibu California or Hilton Head Island say “$1 Million dollars? What a bargain. I’ll take 3.”  If you are going to judge the value of something you have to compare Apples to Apples.  

In my opinion Costa Rica is still very inexpensive compared to other warm weather resort destinations. Now, it’s not cheap, but you still get a tremendous amount for your money.  If you want cheap, you have to go to third world countries like Nicaragua.  But remember you get what you pay for.  Costa Rica has the charm of a third world Latin country, but we have first world infrastructure, from state of the art hospitals and telecommunications to upgraded roads and electricity.  Our grocery stores are as nice as any in the USA and Canada and the modern conveniences of home, like Cable and Satellite TV and high speed Internet is available everywhere.

Should I rent or should I buy a house in Costa Rica?

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Should I Rent or should I Buy in Costa Rica

A very common question I receive when people begin looking at making the move to Costa Rica is, “Should I rent or should I buy a house in Costa Rica“? People make the point that you should rent in Costa Rica for a while, to make sure you like it before you buy. There is obviously some merit to this and of course each person has a different opinion.  Personally, I have always been a firm believer in home ownership as that is the American Dream, right?  

I have owned many properties in my life, buying my first house at 23 years old. I have never wanted to rent a property for quite a few different reasons.  First of all, it isn’t MY property.  So I can’t do what I want.  I can’t paint it the color I like, build the BBQ I need, or plant the landscaping I want to see every day.  I am at the mercy of the owner and must live by their rules.  Now, if the owner happens to be a great guy, who is very flexible, then that might work out ok.  But what if the owner isn’t easy to deal with?  We have all heard the horror stories of crazy landlords and I have never wanted to put myself in that situation.  I have owned every property I have ever lived in, and I also own the real estate that my businesses operate on.

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