Private Schools in Guanacaste Costa Rica

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Private Schools in Guanacaste Costa Rica

private schools in Guanacaste Costa Rica

It is no secret that Costa Rica has the best educated population in Central America. As a foreigner with school age children you naturally want to know if you can find good schools where you have found your adult paradise.

For many decades Costa Ricans and expats alike have sent their children to high quality private schools that have led to a high level of admission into US and European Universities.

Over the last 10-15 years a number of high quality schools have established themselves in the Guanacaste/Papagayo region providing schooling at a level of those of the Central Valley.

Not only will your kids get a great education but it will be in a bilingual setting with students from different cultures and countries.  Of course, you want to send your kids to the best private schools in Guanacaste Costa Rica.

Quiros Tanzi Foundation-Lincoln School Donation

Although attending University in Costa Rica could be very positive, all of the private schools offer accreditation so they can apply to attend University in the US or Europe. Make sure that the school you send your child to has the accreditation that they require to further their education.

Here is a list of the bilingual, accredited private schools in Guanacaste Costa Rica.  All are located in or near the Papagayo region:

Dolphin’s Academy
Playas del Coco
Day Care and Pre-Kinder through High School

Lakeside International School
Day Care and Pre-Kinder through High School

Sea Wonders Academy
506-2697-1672 : 506-8818-7894
Preschool, Kindergarten through 6th Grade
Niños del Sol ECO School
Playas del Coco
Ages 3-12

Academia Teocali
Pre-Kinder through High School

International Christian School
Pre-School through High School

If you want to give your child a true Costa Rican education there are public schools in every community that are Kindergarten through grade 11.

Guanacaste International Academy
Grade School through High School

Childrens Day Care (Guarderia Only Little People)
Playas del coco
Pre Kinder-Kinder

Here is a list of the Public Schools in the Papagayo Area:

Costa Rica Health Insurance–How and with Whom Do I Get It?

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What’s the deal with Costa Rica health insurance?Costa Rica health insurance

Up until a few years ago, there was only one insurance company in Costa Rica, INS (Instituto Nacional de Seguros). It is the nationalized insurance company, owned and run by the government. With CAFTA (Central American Free Trade Agreement) most of these socialized services have broken up, and now there are many companies competing for your business, not just with insurance, but with cell service and other products as well. This is great for everyone, because competition creates better service and more competitive prices.

Please contact Ron Sturm for insurance rates with INS.

Although INS is still a fantastic option for car and home insurance, there are other companies out there to offer all the other policies as well; Project Construction and Liability along with Condos, Restaurants and Hotels, etc.

As a resident of Costa Rica, you are entitled to FREE medical care through the CAJA (Social Security) of the country. There are a few small fees you must pay every month to contribute to the overall stability of the system. Many individuals though, foreigners and Ticos, also want higher quality private medical coverage that allows them to choose their doctors and hospitals and also cover them when they travel outside of CR.  Is private Costa Rica health insurance available?  Yes.  I personally have an amazing policy, that gives me the same coverage as my old Blue Cross Blue Shield of Florida, for 20% of the cost of what I was paying back home.

Please contact Phil Eitmann for more info on private insurance with outside carriers. 

Gloriana Echandi has helped many of my clients obtain private Costa Rica health insurance

You can contact her at:   8365-2886

Another spectacular option for private medical insurance is Insurance Consultants International.

Their website is and the specific page for long term, expat plans is

You can contact Mark Sneed at 719-428-4503

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