Should I rent or should I buy a house in Costa Rica?

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Should I Rent or should I Buy in Costa Rica

A very common question I receive when people begin looking at moving to to Costa Rica is, “Should I rent or should I buy a house in Costa Rica“? People make the point that you should rent in Costa Rica for a while, to make sure you like it before you buy. There is obviously some merit to this and of course each person has a different opinion.  Personally, I have always been a firm believer in home ownership as that is the American Dream, right?  

I have owned many properties in my life, buying my first house at 23 years old. I have never wanted to rent a property for quite a few different reasons.  First of all, it isn’t MY property.  So I can’t do what I want.  I can’t paint it the color I like, build the BBQ I need, or plant the landscaping I want to see every day.  I am at the mercy of the owner and must live by their rules.  Now, if the owner happens to be a great guy, who is very flexible, then that might work out ok.  But what if the owner isn’t easy to deal with?  We have all heard the horror stories of crazy landlords and I have never wanted to put myself in that situation.  I have owned every property I have ever lived in, and I also own the real estate that my businesses operate on.

Hospitals and Clinics Papagayo Area

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Hospitals and Clinics Papagayo Area


Private Ambulance Service 24/7 | 8308-9986
Hospital and Clinic San Rafael Arcangel | Downtown Liberia | 2666-1717 | Website |
Dr. Pablo Valenciano Clinic | Playas del Coco | 2670-1717 | 8830-4087 | Website |
Coco Medical and Dental Center | Ambulance Service 24 Hours – Dr. Hansel | Playas del Coco | 2670-1235 | 8308-9986 | Website
Dr. Douglas Rosales Chavarria | Playas del Coco | 2670-0333 | 8840-6633 |
Coco Dental | Playas del Coco | 2670-1234
EBAIS Clinic | Playas del Coco | 2670-0987
Liberia Public Hospital | Downtown Liberia | 2666-1016 | 2666-0011
EBAIS Clinic | Sardinal | 2697-0142
Public Ambulance Service | Red Cross of Costa Rica | 2697-1141 | 911
Public Clinic | Filadelfia | 2688-8276

For day to day health care any of the Individual Doctors and private Clinics are very good and can help you with most of your health issues.  Where to buy cheap generic Viagra online check this webpage. If you need emergency care requiring immediate attention it is probably best to call the private ambulance service and have them take you to one of the private hospitals.  If you have international health insurance then most likely an emergency service will be covered.

You should check your insurance coverage to make sure.  If you have decided to use the public system then you have done the research and know what is required to get care.  If you have an existing condition or would feel more comfortable then schedule an appointment with one of the private Doctors listed above and discuss an emergency plan with them.

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