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Can I make money renting my property in Costa Rica

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Can I make money renting my property in Costa Rica?

Can I make money renting my property in Costa Rica

In almost every development, the breakdown of ownership is about the same. One third of all the owners live there fulltime; they are Ex Pats who have made paradise their permanent residence. One third of them are your typical snowbirds; they spend 3 to 6 months a year here, when the weather turns in North America, and then spend the summer months back home. Some of them rent their properties when they go back north, but many of them just lock the door and leave. They don’t need the money and don’t want anyone “sleeping in their bed.” The last third don’t live here at all. They either have a 3 to 5 year plan to becoming one of the first two, or they have no intention of ever living here at all, they just own the property as an investment. They come down as often as they can, depending on their lifestyles and their incomes, and they rent the property the rest of the time.

So, can I make money renting my property in Costa Rica?

Mike’s Favorite Tours

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Mike’s Favorite Tours

Rule number ONE when it comes to booking tours in Costa Rica; Do NOT book tours from random people on the street or beach. ONLY book through reputable tour operators who have a certified location and website. If you are not 100% sure, DO NOT BOOK. Feel free to always contact me for my personal opinion.

For a one stop place to easily book all your tours check out Costa Rica Tour Kiosk.  You will get a gift certificate worth 10% of the cost of your tours to be redeemed at participating local establishments.

Costa Rica Tour Kiosk

Borinquen   Mud Baths  / Zip Line / Horseback Riding

Group of horseback riders in Rincon de la Vieja Costa Rica

Hacienda Guachepelin   Horseback Riding / Waterfalls / Zip line/ Mud baths/ Waterfalls / Tubing

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