Can I order Flowers in Playas del Coco

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Can I order flowers in Playas del Coco?

I have always sent my mother flowers on special occasions: Birthday; Mother’s Day; Valentine’s Day; like a good son should. Just recently I went home for a visit. I stopped by the local flower shop to pick up a bouquet, to surprise her when she answered the door. I have always loved the smell of fresh flowers; they just put you in such a good mood. As I was talking to the nice lady behind the counter, she started to point out various arrangements, to help me make my decision. “These are from Costa Rica” she said. She was ecstatic when I told her I live in this amazing paradise, and that I wanted ONLY varieties from the land of Pura Vida. She continued to tell me that the majority of the flowers she imports, come from Costa Rica, and that it would be easy to build a vase using only these strands.


Costa Rica is famous for its flowers; its national flower is called the Guaria Morada. Orchids are the most common as there are over 1300 species of them alone in this little country. Others that are very popular are: White Lillies; Roses; Snapdragons; Sunflowers; Carnations; and Tulips. There are thousands of others as well. It is one of the country’s largest exports.

Can I order Flowers in Playas del Coco

Boy was my mom happy!


I get asked all the time, if you can buy flowers or order them in Costa Rica. The simple answer is YES. There is an amazing flower shop right here in Playas del Coco, called Art Flower, located in the PACIFICO retail village just below my RE/MAX Ocean Village office. The owners are Cristina Coronas and Manfred Robert, and they have been in the flower and landscape business their entire life. Their shop can deliver flowers to any business or home in the area, and they also do the majority of the weddings and special events too. Every week, their driver stops by my offices and supplies our desks with fresh arrangements. If you go out to a nice restaurant, the odds are, the beautiful bouquet on the table came from their shop.

Can I order Flowers in Playas del Coco


Stop in and check them out.

Their website is

Their office number is 011-506-2670-2220

Pura Vida;

Enjoy the aroma.

Harley Davidson Tours Costa Rica

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Tank Tops Flip Flops Newsletter edition no. 114

Harley Davidson Tours Costa Rica

So you want to feel the roar of your hog underneath you while touring beautiful Costa Rica?  But you’re thinking it might be really difficult to bring your bike down just for a vacation.  Or maybe you’re not sure how to navigate Costa Rica’s particular road system without street signs that you are used to in other parts of the world?

Harley Davidson Tours Costa Rica

Well now there is an option for you Harley fanatics.  You can take a guided tour with Devils Paradise Harley Davidson Tours.  These guys are the real deal and will treat you to a ride you will never forget.

Some people have commented that maybe the Costa Rican’s don’t want a bunch of Gringos riding around their country and disturbing the peace a quiet of the beautiful countryside.  Well what we found out is that there is a huge amount of local Tico Harley owners that far outnumbers the small amount of Gringos that tour around the country in Harley’s.

Also, in less you have never been to Costa Rica or any other Latin American country for that matter, noise pollution is way down on the list of worries.  So come on down and ride a hog in paradise, the locals don’t mind and you will have a blast.

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