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Looking for Business Ideas? Costa Rica has Endless Opportunties

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If you’re looking for business ideas Costa Rica has much to offer. What kind of business opportunities exist?

Although many of my clients are retirees who come here to enjoy their twilight years, the dynamics of our community is changing. Younger people are relocating to paradise.  Some in their 20s and 30s, who have that entrepreneurial bug, are opening businesses and bringing their children along as well and putting them into private bilingual schools. They see the opportunities that exist here and want to capitalize, especially as it is getting harder and harder to succeed in North America, with all of the rules, regulations, taxes and competition. Also, many people who contact me are in their 40s and 50s. They are not mentally or financially ready to retire yet, and want to reinvent themselves. They are tired of their previous careers and want to enjoy a better lifestyle, while redefining their lives.

Costa Rica Business ideas group discussion

Costa Rica Business opportunities are endless really. We have a big advantage, as we already know what works. We have lived in North America, and seen every type of business imaginable. So you don’t have to INVENT something new, just take the model and apply it here in Costa Rica. It is almost like having a time machine. We know what types of businesses succeed, we know what works; we just need to fill in the blanks.

Costa Rica Escrow–What You Need to Know

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Costa Rica Escrow–What is required to open an account?

Upon acceptance of an offer, a secure escrow account is set up with a company that is registered with the banking authority of Costa Rica, known as SUGEF. They will act as a third party to insure that everyone is protected during the closing. Do not allow a law firm or a real estate company to accept or handle your money. ALWAYS ask for a separate, secured, registered Escrow Company to handle the funds.

Costa Rica escrow used to sell this house

An escrow agent will contact you by email to start the process of opening the escrow. The agent will ask for a lot of personal information to insure your monies are coming from a legitimate source. Costa Rica is very adamant that they will not accept illicit funds and they abide by all International money laundering rules, regulations and laws.

They will require the following documents

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