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Investing in Costa Rica–Why It Makes Sense

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Why Investing in Costa Rica Makes Sense

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People ask me all the time “Why Invest in Costa Rica?” and I say – Why Not? Got a better idea?

You don’t want to put your money in a bank where you get no return.  The Stock market is way too risky.  What about US real estate? Forget it. It’s going to take a decade to turn around.

But Costa Rica, on the other hand, has everything an investor wants:

A stable democratic country

Very little crime

Fantastic infrastructure

Low taxes

Low carrying costs

And most importantly – They welcome foreigners

People ask me all the time “Why live in Costa Rica?”  and I say Why not?  Tell me where else?

You can’t live in the Caribbean, too many hurricanes and high cost of living.  Most people can’t afford Hawaii.  Mexico and the other Central American countries are way too dangerous.  And who wants to stay in the USA?

With the taxes as high as they are, and about to get higher, forget it – You can’t afford to retire.  Not to mention the cost of living, insurance, crime – you get the picture.

But Costa Rica is perfect!

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