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What does Pura Vida mean?

Written by Michael Simons on . Posted in Costa Rica Living

What does Pura Vida mean? This is a questions that can be asked and answered on several levels, but I believe the following description that I received says it all:

“As my time in Costa Rica comes to an end, I’ve heard “Pura Vida” so much. 

I got asked today what does Pura Vida mean?

The obvious answer is “pure life” but to me, and I’m sure to many people, it means more than that.  Pura Vida is living your life to the fullest, no worries, no regrets.  It’s being patient and relaxing.  Pura Vida is hard work and still being as happy as can be.  Pura Vida is family and friends and a good time. Pura Vida is being nice to everyone who comes along.  Pura Vida is memories and capturing those memories.  Pura Vida is being there for everyone.  Pura Vida is love, sunsets, the ocean, waves, mountains, views, animals, nature and all the little things in life that make life great.

Pura Vida is making the most out of everything and the time you have.What does Pura Vida mean

Pura Vida is a way of life.

Thank you so much for all the memories and everything I’ve learned.  I’m more than blessed to have gotten to experience such an amazing country.”

My friend’s 18 year old niece wrote this and I had to share. It sums up what living in Costa Rica is like. 

Thanks Monica.  Hurry Back.

Who is going to help me after I relocate to Costa Rica?

Written by Michael Simons on . Posted in Buying and Selling Property in Costa Rica, Costa Rica Living, FAQ's

Have you decided to relocate to Costa Rica?  Moving to Costa Rica can be a little daunting and that’s where we come in. I tell all my clients, “I will work twice as hard for you AFTER you close as I did to help you find and buy the property.” Selling you the house or condo is the easy part, it’s after you move here that you really need our help.

In the USA or Canada, once you’ve bought your house, you might never see your realtor again.  Even if you move across the country, from one state to the next, you don’t need your real estate agent to help you adjust.  You can do it on your own.  You know how to get your mail, buy car insurance and even put your children in schools.  There are yellow pages, and Google search engines so getting a plumber or painter is easy: but it’s not so simple when you relocate to Costa Rica.

You are totally lost, and don’t even know where to begin.

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