Team Tres Amigos

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Team Tres Amigos

I know most of my newsletters are about my personal adventures and the amazing day to day life down here in our little slice of paradise.  I will most definitely continue giving you an intimate look at what it could be like for you to come down and join us here on our wonderful journey.

Today, however, I wanted to highlight the personal stories of some of the Tres Amigos Realty Group team members.  Their stories are proof that anyone can move from their home country and find their place in another spot far from their normal comfort zone.

We partnered with Howler Magazine in April of 2021, at the very beginning of their transformation from a traditional print magazine to a hybrid print and digital Magazine.  We were the first Real Estate company to publish in their new digital magazine, providing useful content for their reader base and  that has now grown to boast a very successful online presence providing tons of key information to readers about Costa Rica, whether tourists, locals, real estate investors or those at home dreaming of changing their 9 to 5 for somewhere warmer and more rewarding.  As of today, 376,571 people have read one of our 16 articles published monthly since we started our partnership with The Howler.

So what does Howler Magazine have to do with Tres Amigos Realty Group team members?

Well we had to come up with an informative article every month and we thought it would be too boring to only do the standard ‘How to Buy Real Estate in Costa Rica’, etc. articles that are all over the internet.  So we asked our team members to write about their personal journey of how they came to Costa Rica, why they stayed and how they were able to make a life down here that so many may dream about but find it too far out of reach.  But thanks to The Howler for pushing us to come up with something different we are able to share some amazing stories from a group of remarkable individuals that may never have gotten out.

I am extremely proud to be associated with some of the finest individuals you will ever meet and who have decided to establish their lives here in the Papagayo area. Here are the links to our team member articles so you can read them at your leisure.

Lisa Farrell – Its a Lifestyle In Spanish and English

Theo Veenstra – Trading Paradises

Alain Mouquet – A French Canadian Welcome In French and English

Will Matthews – Living Where the Air Doesn’t Hurt My Face

Herb DeMars – Snowbirds in Paradise

Joseph Emanuelli – Never Looked Back

Mike Mills – The Adventure Continues

There are more team members who will hopefully grace us with their own personal stories so stay tuned and make sure you read the Howler each month for more great content.

Hopefully you are inspired by all these diverse stories and this will help you make the leap to a sunnier and more fulfilling life.


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