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Food Drive Sponsor – Coconutz Bar and Grill with Pete Wenzel

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Food Drive Sponsor – Coconutz Bar and Grill with Pete Wenzel

We know it seems like forever that we have been asking for donations.  The airports are open but flights are barely trickling in.  Unfortunately the tourism industry in Costa Rica is still on its knees and we really need to keep digging deep to be able to just provide basic necessities for hundreds of families who have been without any income or government support since March.  SO PLEASE FIND IT IN YOUR HEART to donate.  No donation is too small.  Use PAYPAL or ZELLE account –  Anything is appreciated.

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If you have ever been to Playas del Coco in Costa Rica then you have definitely gone into Coconutz Bar and Grill and grabbed a pint of their Angry Goats beer and met some new friends.  Pete Wenzel and his family came to Playas del Coco and did the same exact thing.  They went in to Coconutz, had a few beers and a bite to eat and next thing the know they were buying the place.  Now more than 3 years later they have completely redone the front bar area and added a huge upper bar area they call the “treehouse” that is suited for private parties and events and also helps with overflow when the place is packed on a beautiful tropical evening when the live music is playing and the whole town comes alive.

Food Drive Sponsor – Rich Coast Vacations with Dave Collier

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Food Drive Sponsor – Rich Coast Vacations with Dave Collier

It is truly AMAZING how many people are stepping up and sponsoring an entire food drive. Rich Coast Vacations and their wonderful clients pulled together to raise enough money to feed over 100 families for a week. Until you are out in the local neighborhoods and see all the people that are in need of food and supplies you don’t realize what impact you are having on their lives.  They are of course extremely thankful to receive the help but since we are all animal lovers we also give them dog or cat food if they need it.  Nowhere have we heard about this happening but from the looks on the peoples faces when they get food for their pets as well means that it is all worth it. 

Please continue to donate.  Although a handful of people have come down on the first flights from North America there are still basically no tourists so we are in for the long haul.  No amount is too small.  Send donations to PayPal or Zelle account  THANK YOU.

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