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How can I buy a car in Costa Rica?

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How can I buy a car in Costa Rica?

Vehicles available to buy a car in costa rica

Cars are generally about 30% more in Costa Rica than the USA, yet still substantially less than many other countries in the world, as there is an import tax on vehicles. The older the vehicle, the higher the percentage, as Costa Rica does not want a bunch of broken down, Katrina flood cars, sitting on the side of the road like you see in Belize or Mexico. So unless it is your “baby”, and you have to have it with you, my advice is to sell your cars at home and buy them here. You can purchase every type of vehicle in Costa Rica that you can anywhere else, as there is every type of dealership imaginable. There are also fantastic used car dealers close by who have great reputations for selling very reliable cars and SUVs at reasonable prices. But some people just have to have their old Jeep CJ7 or classic convertible mustang, or their vintage Harley Davidson motorcycle and nothing is going to convince them otherwise.

In Liberia, just 30 minutes away, are some of the most popular brands of new cars.

Toyota; Nissan; Chevy; Ford; Kia; VW; Suzuki; Hyundai.

In San Jose, 3.5 hours away is every other dealership in the world, from Audi to BMW; Range Rover to Mercedes; off road vehicles and motorcycles; and all the super high end cars as well.

Most of my clients though, do not need a brand new car. They just need a reliable SUV to get them around town, and do not mind buying one a few years old, with a few thousand kilometers on the dash.

There is Craig’s List in Costa Rica and you can find some good deals. The concern is that you really have no idea what the car has gone through, how rough it was driven and if it is in reliable condition. Make sure you have the car checked out by a reliable mechanic before purchasing and always use a good attorney to check the title of the vehicle.

You can of course, hope to find one locally through our local mailing lists, or For Sale by Owner, but those tend to go quickly in private sales to friends.

There is a great used car lot, just north of the Liberia airport, at the Ford dealership. The owner is Gian Carlo and I have known him since the day I moved here, he is actually my neighbor now as well. I bought my first two cars from him and he has helped HUNDREDS of my clients over the years. He has even been known to meet my clients at the airport and deliver their car to them personally, as they arrived here for their big relocation.

The best way to reach him is by phone or email.


His email is

Another fantastic resource for buying a car is Mattia Cars.
They will personally search and find you the perfect car.


Insurance is very reasonable in Costa Rica as well. All the more reason to buy a car in Costa Rica.

What a pain in my Back – Surgery in Costa Rica

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Tank Tops Flip Flops Newsletter edition no. 68

Surgery in Costa Rica

“Life is not a journey to the grave with the intention of arriving safely in a pretty and preserved body, but rather to skid in broadside, thoroughly used up, totally worn out, and loudly proclaiming, ‘Wow… what a ride!!!!!” Can I get a Tequila Sunrise please?

Costa Rica FAQ's

The first time you jump out of a perfectly good airplane, it is a very daunting task. Anyone who tells you they were not scared is a liar. When that door slides open, and you see the ground from 13,000 feet, your breathing becomes challenged, your mind goes blank. As you plummet toward earth at a terminal velocity speed of 124 mph, your blood flowing, your heart pounding, all other issues in your life seem to melt away; the only concern you have is whether or not your parachute will actually open. After what seems like the longest minute of your life, the canopy deploys above you, as you come to a screeching halt, and you can actually enjoy the scenery as you gently float to earth. The second my feet touched the ground, the first words out of my mouth were “Let’s do it again!”

Back Surgery Costa Rica

As you become more proficient at this sport, you can obtain speeds of almost 200 mph, barreling along like a NASCAR racer.  They say that the trauma to your body for each successful flight is similar to a small car accident, as the deceleration of the parachute opening, creates 3 to 4g pressure on your spine, as you slam on the brakes down to 15 mph. The most dangerous part of the entire ride is when you finally touch down, as one small mistake can face plant you into the dirt. In my life, I experienced 86 small collisions like this over a period of a few years, and a couple real fender benders as well.

“I will pay you $50” someone once said to me, “if you jump off that glacier.” I will do it for free, I replied, if you take my picture for me.

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