New Law passed to attract Investors and Retirees to Costa Rica

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A new law just passed that is designed to attract Investors and Retirees to Costa Rica.  The intent of the law is to stimulate foreign investment into Costa Rica and to make life generally easier for people who want to get residency in Costa Rica and retire.  The law has passed and there will be a time period before it is actually implemented and we know the exact details of how to apply it but for now this is incredibly great news!

Tank Tops Flip Flops Newsletter edition no. 199

How to Move to Costa Rica

Written by Michael Simons on . Posted in EX PATS in Costa Rica, Investing in Costa Rica, Newsletters, Tres Amigos Realty Group

Everybody wants to know how to move to  Costa Rica.  It’s amazing.  As soon as they find out I sell real estate in Guanacaste, we are off on a 30 minute conversation.  Costa Rica has such an incredible amount of momentum right now, and so much positive press, that everyone wants to figure out a way to leave the rat race and move to this gorgeous paradise.Some friends that moved to Costa Rica  But truthfully sometimes I just want to be left alone. 

I was on a plane the other day going to Miami.  I know you will make fun of me but I actually used to fly to Boca Raton every 2 or 3 months so I can get my hair cut from the greatest stylist on the planet, Paul Ferraro.  Heh you don’t stay this good looking with out working at it.  The woman that sat next to me was one of those talkative types, and I just wasn’t in the mood to chat.  I knew from previous experiences that the moment I mentioned Costa Rica she wouldn’t leave me alone, and I was really enjoying a good book.  She asked me right away, “What do you do?”  I make movies I told her.  “Really?  That sounds interesting.  What kind of movies do you make?”  I slowly looked up from the page, smiled and gave her a seductive wink.  “OH!”  She stopped breathing momentarily and then slunk back into her seat, but not before glancing at my crotch.  I was actually going to tell Slogan about moving to Costa Ricaher I made children’s educational films, but her imagination took over before I could finish.  Who am I to ruin a good rumor?  She never said another word to me again and it was the most peaceful flight I have ever had.  I finished the book and actually got a little bit of a nap.

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