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The Four Seasons Property in Costa Rica.

Profitable Costa Rica Real Estate Investments. Invest with the best in the path of progress in the Papagayo Region of Costa Rica.

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Where to invest? How much to invest? For how long? What’s the risk? How easy is it to sell? Who can I trust to guide me along the way?

These questions are asked a hundred times per day in dozens of languages by investors all over the globe, and after looking at the poor state of various stock markets around the world, our real estate investor clients are more enthusiastic than ever about in investing offshore in Costa Rica real estate.

When you are considering investing in something new, you naturally tend to be more cautious. But after you have proven to yourself that you have a profitable strategy and that you are working with trusted advisors in a profitable niche, you are able to make quicker decisions on additional investments.

Playa Hermosa Costa Rica real estate in the New York Times

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Playa Hermosa Costa Rica real estate has been getting some very good press lately.  Imagine Playa Hermosa in the New York Times.

Playa Hermosa Costa Rica real estate offers this home with pool

The most recent feature on Playa Hermosa in Costa Rica was an article in the New York Times featuring one of our exclusive listings in Monte Paraiso called The Lighthouse. The article was written by Kevin Brass, a feature writer for the New York Times who has written various articles about our area and Costa Rica, so he knows what he is talking about.

Good things come in 3’s – the second piece of good press was an HGTV episode of “Beachfront Bargain Hunt” where a couple searched high and low for their own slice of beach paradise and found it in our beloved little Playa Hermosa. The first running of the episode was September 27th and the second airing is September 28th, 2015. Here is the link to the episode guide.

Beachfront Bargain Hunt – A Couple Searches the Exotic Pacific Shores of Costa Rica in Search of their Slice of Paradise

To top it off House Hunters International is filming a future episode in Playa Hermosa as we speak at a couple of our exclusive listings in Playa Hermosa.  House Hunters will not allow us to disclose the homes until they air later in the year so stay tuned.

Lighthouse Monteparaiso in part of Playa Hermosa Costa Rica real estate

The established press has finally gotten back around again to talking about our slice of heaven.  Get your little slice before it is too late…


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