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Is there licensing for Costa Rica real estate agents?

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Choosing among the many Costa Rica real estate agents can be a tough decision, and how you choose your agent can be based on many different factors. One of the most important questions perspective buyers need to know the answer to is, “Is there licensing for Real Estate Agents in Costa Rica?”

Yes, there is licensing in Costa Rica for real estate agentsunfortunately, it is not a requirement by law, but we are working very hard to change that. The government of Costa Rica does not force real estate agents to be licensed, but they are very lax about most requirements in business.

Hair stylists don’t need a license and neither do massage therapists, personal trainers or most contractors. It is up to each industry to take control of their own destiny and change it, just like the USA did 50 or 60 years ago.

Fortunately, the government of Costa Rica is changing their ways. Recently, the country passed a law, that said ALL real estate agents and property managers MUST be registered by SUGEF, which is the banking authority that oversees all money transactions. Escrow agents and Money Management companies are registered with SUGEF as an example. The individual must be a permanent resident of Costa Rica, or a citizen of Costa Rica. They must have a background check done by the Costa Rica OIJ and a USA background check done by the FBI. Their bank accounts will be monitored by SUGEF as well as the banks themselves, and if a person receives a commission or handles third party funds, and they are not registered, their accounts will be immediately shut down.

Cardella Challenge #6

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Cardella Challenge #6

The Tom and Mike show is BACK and they are joined by Kelsey Hill of Full Spectrum Concierge and Property Management to introduce Cardella Challenge #6.  Tourism has slowly been coming back in small trickles but right now the unemployment in the tourism sector is still devastating so we continue to give out food and supplies every week for the foreseeable future.  By the way, the guys go on a walk through tour of the house and they might have found the secret beer stash…

Now that North America and Europe are in the midst of a COLD winter we have another amazing opportunity for you to escape the deep freeze and come on vacation with 10 of your best friends in a beautiful luxury villa in Playas del Coco.  For just a $100 donation you can have the chance to stay a full week here in pure luxury.  We are only offering 100 tickets at $100 each so buy as many as you can to increase your odds.  As Always – EVERY PENNY of the $10,000 that we will raise will go to feed and supply our friends and neighbors in need during this ongoing economic crisis. 

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