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It’s a dog’s Life

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Tank Tops Flip Flops Newsletter edition no. 107

It’s a dog’s Life in Costa Rica.  

Many years ago, when I lived in California, I had a Black Labrador. What an incredible animal. She was with me every day, and went everywhere: from my office, to the beach. I owned a boat, and used to spend my weekends racing across Lake Havasu Arizona like a madman. She would stand on the front of the bow, life preserver on, barking constantly at the passing vessels. She could smell water, miles before we got there, and would stay in the lake swimming the entire day. If she saw a sprinkler, she would roll in the puddle; when I bought a house with a pool, she would be in it morning till night; when we went to the beach, she was out of control; this dog loved to be wet. She could play Frisbee catch for HOURS and never tire, and was a watchful eye in my stereo store years later in Texas, guarding the shelves, motivating the sales crew. I even took her on some dates. I had decided to name my dog Chief, before I found her, assuming I would have a male. But as always happens in my life, my dogs find me. She was the only one in the pack of puppies, who refused to take her eye off her future dad. “You and me; we’re outta here!” So I changed her name to Lady Chief Beaver; cut me some slack; I was 23 years old; if you knew me then; you would understand LOL.

It's a dogs life in Costa Rica

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