Nobody circles the wagons like the Buffalo Bills

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Nobody circles the wagons like the Buffalo Bills – Covid-19 Food Drive Sponsor – Wittlinger Family – Pacifico Condo L 311

When our caravan pulls up into these little towns, you can physically see the relief on people’s faces. As they go from car to car, picking up each individual product and putting it in their bag, the look in their eyes and the tone of their voice says it all. THANK YOU SO MUCH! I probably have the most rewarding job of anyone, as I get to hand out the dog and cat food. As each person approaches my truck, I ask them if they have any pets at home. I have seen tears well up so many times, I am unable to even count. When you cannot even feed your children, the last thing you do is feed your animals. The smile that I get, when I stuff 5 or 10 lbs. of grub into their hands, is worth more to me than the biggest commission check I have ever cashed. I asked this one woman, how many dogs do you have? She replied 22. Gulp. I thought I had an addiction with 13, but 22? Man. That is a lot of hungry animals. I told her to politely wait until the end, because she would literally clean me out and there would be nothing left for the other 100 people. After the drive ended, I found out where she lived and we returned later that afternoon with 4 massive bags of Dog Food and even a bag of cat food too, as she had a couple of those laying around as well. No animal left behind: I should be a politician.

Tank Tops Flip Flops Newsletter edition no. 180

We would not be able to continue to do this, if it was not for the overwhelming support and donations that just keep pouring in. It is during times like this, that you find out what people are really all about. To see so many families and businesses, stepping up, making donations, offering their time and sponsoring entire food drives, gives me hope for mankind. I have a T-shirt my best buddy bought me. It says “Losing faith in humanity one person at a time.” Well, I have to tell you, my faith is back. I am truly a very lucky man, to know so many incredible people, and to have so many spectacular friends. Costa Rica seems to be a magnet for caring human beings. Your support and your generous donations fill my soul with warmth. We will continue to stay at this as long as is needed.

So I was especially grateful when the Wittlinger family contacted me and told me they wanted to sponsor a full day FOOD DRIVE, as it would give me an opportunity to talk about them. It just makes sense that a family from Buffalo New York, would want to give back to our community. I have been to the Queen City, eaten their world famous wings, and stood at the top of Niagara Falls. The people in that part of the world, are REAL, no BS type of folks. Blue Collar, God Lovin’, hard working, beer drinking, Americans who love their city and their football. Chris Berman nailed it; “No one circles the wagons like the Buffalo Bills.” And that is exactly how the people are. They stick together and support one another. You see, the Wittlingers is the type of family that we all wish we were a part of. From the very first time I met them, Jeff and Mary spoke so highly of their children, and I could tell that they had a very special bond, that so few families have these days. Over the years, as they would come and stay in their condo, I had the privilege of meeting all 8 of their kids. Yes, I said that right EIGHT! This makes the Brady Bunch and the Partridge gang seem minor league, as they literally do everything together as a team. I remember one day, as I was at the PACIFICO BEACH CLUB, having lunch, this train of people walked by, all carrying their own Stand Up Paddle Boards. It was the Wittlingers, and they continued out to the surf. Watching them all paddle away, lined up next to each other, I felt like I was watching the launch of D-Day. INSANE. But what is most inspiring, is their love of music and God, and they combined both in this amazing song about Costa Rica. They wrote this, while hanging out as a family on the terrace of their PACIFICO L311 condo.


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Thank you all SO MUCH, for your outstanding generosity. Take care, and hope to see you back down here soon.

Come on down baby.


Thanks to everyone who has donated. Please continue to do so, no amount is too small. You can PAYPAL or ZELLE to or have your property manager do a transfer to my Costa Rican bank account.

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  • Joanne Bruner


    I so enjoyed this lovely, inspirational family story. And the music was an added beautiful bonus!

    I would love to meet these neighbors!


    • Michael Simons


      They are coming in December I will introduce you.


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