Four the Love of Paws Pet Rescue

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Thank you to all those that sponsored a pet and donated on the Four the Love of Paws GO FUND ME page – we were able to spay and neuter more than 147 pets at the July 18 Clinic.  The Pic below are only some of the lucky ones that will stop having more puppies.  THIS IS THE ONLY WAY TO PREVENT OVERPOPULATION IN OUR COMMUNITY.  By donating you will be helping to prevent more neglected, abandoned and sick animals.  If you want to collaborate please drop your donation at Doctor Jessica’s Vet Clinic in Playas del Coco or Donate directly to the GO FUND ME page.  Feel free to contact Sandra Bateman directly at 8900-5153 or go to the Four the Love of Paws Facebook Page

Four the Love of Paws Pet Rescue

Sandra Bateman and her Husband run a pet rescue and rehabilitation center on their property in Sardinal called Four the Love of Paws.  They have funded it in the past with an annual fundraiser event but since COVID it has not been possible to host the event.  They are relying solely on donations via their GoFundMe account.  Please donate if you can so they can continue to help the abandoned and homeless animals of our area.  Here is there GoFundMe Page  You can also follow them on their Facebook Page  here

Contact them direct at their Costa Rica phone number 8900 5153 or via email

Tank Tops Flip Flops Newsletter edition no. 200

Here is a brief description of their story and what they do in their own words:

We Rescue, Rehabilitate & Rehome the street pet population in Playas del Coco & surrounding areas. In partnership with the charitable organization CARE Coco Animal Rescue & Education. Located in Sardinal at Sancrosanct Sanctuary.

We moved to Costa Rica 17 years ago, with the anticipation of having no responsibilities and being free to travel! This lasted 6 weeks. During the process of building, we realized there was a huge need to help the abandoned and homeless animals. It seemed the concept of spaying and neutering had not found its way to our area. Luckily, we also met other people who came to the same conclusion, and thus we started a program of volunteers. We would set up a “clinic monthly with a teaching Veterinarian & his students from San Jose. The clinic worked under whatever conditions necessary to fix as many animals as possible. Temperatures were taken, weights noted, spays performed, and animals passed to the workers in the recovery area who then; cleaned ears, picked off numerous ticks, applied medications. Tough work, but more than rewarding.

It takes a village. Many tireless hours with many people throughout our community…too many to mention. …… bathing dogs in the back of our trucks, teaching families to love their animals, and helping them get food and meds for their beloved pet. Before Covid we were able to host an annual fundraiser to help us cover the cost of spaying and traumas. Now we rely on our Go FUND ME Page.

We need your financial support. Our Sacrosanct Sancturay is beyond capacity. We were never meant to be a sanctuary but my husband & I ended up being the, go to people, when help was needed. We now have in excess of 87 cats, 14 dogs and 14 kittens and growing!

So much for having no pets! and being free to travel…It remains a Labor of Love but unsupportable. With full retirement and some medical issues (which thankfully seem under control) carrying on without support is overwhelming. Sancrosant Sancturay is a large farm but was… never meant to be a Sancturay. What we need is folks who feel the same as us for the broken and helpless street pet population and can afford to support our efforts. In partnership with CARE (Coco Animal Rescue &Education) a chartable organization we are very lucky to work with Dr. Jessica and her amazing aid Natalia and ask that you volunteer your time or if you can donate to our cause. Our monthly cost run about $2000 dollars US. Anyone planning a trip to Costa Rica, and might be interested in seeing first hand what we do, we will be happy to show you around. As long as you don’t mind lots of loving kisses from pups, and the occasional kitten in your lap for a cuddle.

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