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Liberia Costa Rica Airport Rules (LIR)

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Rules for the Liberia Costa Rica Airport


Liberia Costa Rica airport

When you arrive at Liberia airport, you will immediately enter the customs line. Usually, the wait is only a few minutes, as it moves very quickly. If you are a resident, there is the short line, and they really do treat you differently. Saturdays and Sundays are the least convenient time to come, as this is when the most airlines arrive, all about the same time. Remember, the all-inclusive hotels usually promote a Saturday to Saturday, or Sunday to Sunday deal. So, you have hundreds of people all coming at the same time. The wait can be up to 30 minutes. Try to plan your trip with a Monday to Friday arrival and departure to make it more convenient.

Is there a trophy for reading every FAQ?

Written by Michael Simons on . Posted in FAQ's

Is there a trophy for reading every FAQ?

If you actually made it to the bottom of this list, and read every single FAQ, you are my hero. You are now the second most educated person on Costa Rica, after myself. Congratulations!!!

If you have still not come and bought a piece of paradise, I must ask you: What is wrong with you? LOL

Get off your ass and COME ON DOWN BABY!

A Cold Pilsen is waiting for you.

See you soon.

Michael Simons

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