Who should I use for car rentals and tours?

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When it comes to car rentals, the best I have found has to be Adobe.  Many times you find “cheap” deals on the internet, only to be completely let down when you arrive.  They advertise a great price, and then tack on huge insurance and additional fees once you arrive, as they know they have you cornered and you can’t back out.  The cars are usually old, beat up and with tens of thousands of kilometers on them.  Many times the rental agency even forgets to meet you at the airport.

I like Adobe because they operate like a North American car rental company.  They quote you the exact prices on line, their cars are brand new and their service is first class.  They can even supply you with a Cell phone for local calls and a GPS to make your journey that much easier, for a very reasonable price.   And if you do have an unfortunate problem, they will send a representative to you with a brand new car.  They can even meet you at your hotel or condo, so you don’t have to waste time at the airport.  You can get right to the beach and enjoy your first cocktail.

Please email my friend Nelson and tell him you are a client of Michael Simons, and he has a discount rate in the computer for RE/MAX Tres Amigos, he will take excellent care of you. 

Nelson’s email is ventasgte@adobecar.com

Also there are street legal golf carts that you can rent by the day or week as well. Talk about super cool!!!! Now you can ride about the beach community like Bill Murray in Caddyshack, bar hopping from one hot spot to the next. Prices are very reasonable compared to a car rental and the entire area is very accessible and convenient. Call my good buddy Dave at 8917-3917 or email him at richcoastvacations@gmail.com and he will take excellent care of you.

Rule number ONE when it comes to booking tours; Do NOT book tours from random people on the street or beach. ONLY book through reputable tour operators who have a certified location and website. If you are not 100% sure, DO NOT BOOK. Feel free to always contact me for my personal opinion.

There are many great tour companies in Costa Rica, but my personal favorite is Tico Tours, located in Playa Hermosa Guanacaste.

Bernal and Lillie are awesome!  In ten years I have never had one single client complain.  They always come back with a smile from ear to ear.  Their vans are brand new, their drivers are very professional and they give top notch personalized service.  The last thing you want is to get thrown on a bus with 40 other gringos, where you are forced to see a tour like a parade of cows.  With Tico Tours they make you feel like you are the only client they have ever had, and you walk away with an amazing experience. 

Their website is www.ticotoursguanacaste.com and their email is mberny10@yahoo.com

Please tell them I sent you and they will treat you like a king or queen.  Have fun and remember to bring your camera.

There is a great shuttle service from LIR.


There are many public buses in Costa Rica as well, that will take you all over the country at a very reasonable rate.

Also there is a great shuttle service for getting back and forth to San Jose and other areas in the country in a private van.

Check out Interbus.


Just for the record, I take NO referrals from any rental agencies, hotels, tours etc.  I just ask that these companies give the discount back to my clients.  So wherever you go, mention my name and it usually works in your favor.

Have Fun!

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