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Michael Simons Big Bash 2018

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Michael Simons Big Bash 2018

You know its the first Sunday of December in Guanacaste, Costa Rica because it’s Mike’s Big Bash!!!

Michael Simons Big Bash 2018

If you missed it that’s really TOOOOO BAAAD for you as there was a fully stocked free flowing Bar, outstanding food and 2 Live music acts throughout the day.  More than 600 people came from all over the area and literally all over the world – some just for this big yearly event.

Costa Rica Party Celebrates Michael Simons 10th Anniversary

Written by Michael Simons on . Posted in Costa Rica Living, EX PATS in Costa Rica, Newsletters

Michael Simons 10th Anniversary Costa Rica Party took place as always the first Sunday in December.

Costa Rica party

One Day or Day One (Mike’s Big Bash 10th Anniversary)

“One day we are going to move to Costa Rica.”

I cannot begin to tell you how many times I have heard that in my life. Yet so many people continue to procrastinate. I know that in their hearts, they really want to make it happen. Maybe they are scared, maybe they just don’t know how to pull it off, maybe they really don’t have the money, who knows; but they continue to find every excuse in the book to keep putting it off.

“Work needs me for just a couple more years; we need just a little bit more time; we are almost there Mike; don’t give up on us!”

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