Costa Rica The Land of AHHH

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Tank Tops Flip Flops Newsletter edition no. 112

Costa Rica The Land of Ahhh.

Subzero temperatures; freezing winds; chunks of ice; this is your front yard. Shoveling driveways; bumper to bumper traffic; treacherous roads; this is your commute. Frozen lakes; dead trees; ten foot snow drifts; these are your views. This is your life.

Perfect weather; off shore breeze; amazing sunrises; this is my front yard. Sand in my flip flops; troops of monkeys; rolling beautiful hills; this is my drive to work. Stunning waterfalls; flowering plants; five volcanoes; these are my Vistas. This is MY life.

One day, you finally have had enough. Stressed out of your mind, and no longer able to stand the suffering, you book a ticket to Costa Rica. The humid Latin American air warms your bones, as the sun hits your face, and you start to peel off the layers of clothes. As you arrive at your beach villa, you drop your bags in awe. Playa Hermosa, Beautiful Beach, is just at your fingertips. You grab a cold cocktail and cannonball into the pool; arms stretched; feet floating; you have finally made it paradise, just as the sun is setting.

You sit back and think; this is the Land of Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh !!!!!!

Costa Rica FAQ

The expression on a Dogs face cannot be faked!

Costa Rica Video FAQ

Ice Diving – REALLY???

I know it builds character to shovel snow but wouldn’t you rather have them grow up at the beach?

Oh Sorry – We do have traffic jams in Costa Rica….

Come on down baby!

Pura Vida.

Michael Simons

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